BIRDS OF A FEATHER is a leadership and management blog, written by Laini Bennett, MBA. It is aimed and inspiring women to pursue their life goals by educating and empowering them.

The Women in Leadership series showcases interviews with successful female leaders. Read:

  • how they overcame challenges from impostor syndrome to sexism;
  • what they regard as key leadership skills; and
  • benefit from their experience when they share their lessons learned.

Doing it Differently features female startup founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners who share:

  • what inspired them to start their own business;
  • the challenges they faced and how they overcame them; and
  • their top 3 leadership lessons learned.

The Managers Anonymous series features case studies and examples of what not to do when managing people. Here managers anonymously share:

  • a mistake they made while managing their team;
  • how they would handle it now with the benefit of hindsight and experience; so you can
  • learn from their mistakes to avoid the same headaches.

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