When there is no rule book make your own CC Australia Executive Director Ingrid Segota | lainibennett.com

When There’s No Rule Book, Make Your Own

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As Executive Director of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Australia, Ingrid Segota believes women shouldn’t have to separate their work and personal lives. Here, she shares her leadership journey and explains how her workplace-integration philosophy helped during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Work-life integration has been central to Ingrid Segota’s working philosophy throughout

How Do I Manage People Who Are More Experienced Than Me? 6 Key Tips | Laini Bennett

6 Tips for Managing People Who Are More Experienced Than You

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Jo* was a relatively inexperienced people manager when she was promoted to take on a larger team. “I was very excited at being given the opportunity, but also a bit worried,” Jo said. “Most of my direct reports were older than me, some by two decades, with significantly more knowledge and experience.”  Initially, Jo got