Taking a Leap of Faith | Laini Bennett

Taking a Leap of Faith

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When RangeMe CEO Nicky Jackson started her retail product discovery platform in her children’s toy room, she thought it would keep her mind occupied while on maternity leave. She didn’t expect it to turn into a global juggernaut. Here, she shares her leadership journey as a female founder, including her lessons learned. It was May

The Privilege of Helping Others | Laini Bennett

The Privilege of Helping Others

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State Schools’ Relief CEO Sue Karzis believes that passion for what you do drives innovation and success. Certainly, her passion for helping disadvantaged youth has helped change lives. Here, she shares her leadership journey and lessons learned. It was an email from a school principal during the COVID-19 pandemic that started the ball rolling. They

Doing it Differently With Melissa MacGowan | Laini Bennett

Doing it Differently with Melissa MacGowan

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Melissa MacGowan’s life changed dramatically due to the early onset of menopause. Wanting to help others, she left her corporate role to launch the Meno Collective, which partners with workplaces to provide menopause education and resources. Here, she shares the lessons she has learned from doing it differently. What inspired you to launch your own

Doing it Differently With Cindy Barberes | Laini Bennett

Doing it Differently With Cindy Barberes

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Cindy Barberes used to be focused on the facts: black and white. After leaving the corporate world, she discovered many other beautiful colours through a commitment to self-care. This extended to launching a natural skincare business that gives back to the community. Here she shares how she learned to compete in a new industry. What

Fighting For Those Who Can't | Laini Bennett

Fighting for Those Who Can’t

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As the CEO of Women’s Community Shelters, Annabelle Daniel OAM will soon open her ninth crisis accommodation shelter in as many years. While now a respected leader in her sector, she has battled industry scepticism and, at times, her feelings of self-worth to ensure that women and children facing domestic violence have a haven in

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A Woman of Conviction

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From state high school student to CEO of a global bank, HSBC Global Private Banking and Wealth CEO Annabel Spring’s career is impressive. She has been at the coalface of the financial industry when rocked by crises, from 9/11 to the GFC. Here, she shares advice on building resilience in the face of adversity. She

Master Of Her Domain | Laini Bennett

Master of Her Domain

Women in LeadershipBuilding and Constructionceoconfidenceempowermentfemale empowermentfemale leaderlessons learnedmanagementMaster Builders Australiawomen in leadershipwomen in management

Known for her courage and character, Master Builders Australia CEO Denita Wawn is the face of Australia’s second largest industry. She believes female leaders should not lose sight of who they are, including their femininity. Here, she shares her leadership journey and lessons learned. When Master Builders Australia CEO Denita Wawn was in her mid-20s,

When You Show Up, Good Things Happen | Laini Bennett

When You Show Up, Good Things Happen

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Bobbi Mahlab AM believes networking is an essential leadership KPI, providing opportunities to grow – both yourself and your business. Mahlab is Chair of Mahlab Media and co-founder of Mentor Walks Australia. Here, she shares her lessons learned from establishing two successful organisations, including the importance of building self-confidence. In 2016, Bobbi Mahlab AM was

Top 10 Lessons Learned by Female Leaders | Laini Bennett

Top 10 Lessons Learned By Female Leaders

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Every time I interview a female CEO or leader, I ask: ‘What are the key lessons you’ve learned as a leader that you would like to pass on to other women?’ Without fail, each inspirational leader shares their lessons learned, to help empower and motivate other women as they strive to build their careers.  In