Challenging The Status Quo | Laini Bennett

Challenging The Status Quo

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Coralus CEO Vicki Saunders wanted to make it easier for female founders to raise capital for their startups, allowing them to grow their businesses on their terms. Her solution disrupts the traditional capital-raising model, turning it on its head. Here, she shares her leadership journey and lessons learned. When award-winning Canadian businesswoman and entrepreneur Vicki

Get Back Up And Keep On Going | Laini Bennett

Get Back Up And Keep On Going

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Beany Accounting CEO and founder Sue de Bievre believes it’s okay to make mistakes, so long as you don’t let them stop you from moving forward. Here, the startup entrepreneur shares her leadership journey and lessons learned. When it came down to it, Sue de Bievre had no choice but to start her own business.

Leading By Example | Laini Bennett

Leading By Example

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Christy Forest believes leaders who prioritise self-care benefit not only themselves but their teams, too. Here, the LiveHire CEO shares her leadership journey and lessons learned, including why leadership is not a popularity contest. As the CEO of ASX-listed tech company LiveHire, Christy Forest understands the importance of leading by example. While she expects her

Taking a Leap of Faith | Laini Bennett

Taking a Leap of Faith

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When RangeMe CEO Nicky Jackson started her retail product discovery platform in her children’s toy room, she thought it would keep her mind occupied while on maternity leave. She didn’t expect it to turn into a global juggernaut. Here, she shares her leadership journey as a female founder, including her lessons learned. It was May

Leading By Influence, Not Authority | Laini Bennett

Leading By Influence, Not Authority

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Chairman and Board Director Pauline Vamos believes that good leaders use their influencing skills to drive positive change rather than wielding their authority. Her knowledge and experience as a leader are hard-won, having faced numerous challenges in her life and career. Here, Vamos shares her leadership journey and lessons learned, including why leaders shouldn’t make

You Don't Need To Be A Hero | Laini Bennett

You Don’t Have To Be A Hero

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Governance Institute of Australia CEO Megan Motto has benefited from female leaders championing her. Now she is helping the next generation of women reach their full potential. Here, Motto shares her leadership journey and lessons learned as an accomplished CEO and Board Director, so others may benefit from her experience. When Governance Institute of Australia

A Disruptive Influence | Laini Bennett

A Disruptive Influence

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When registered nurse and mother of four, Tamar Krebs, launched her business, Group Homes Australia, she was determined to disrupt the aged care industry. For too long, there had been no alternative to the traditional care model, particularly for those living with dementia, and she believed the industry was ripe for change. Here, Krebs shares

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A Woman of Conviction

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From state high school student to CEO of a global bank, HSBC Global Private Banking and Wealth CEO Annabel Spring’s career is impressive. She has been at the coalface of the financial industry when rocked by crises, from 9/11 to the GFC. Here, she shares advice on building resilience in the face of adversity. She

A Shining Example of Leadership | Starlight Children's Foundation | Laini Bennett

A Shining Example of Leadership

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Thinking positively can have a transformative effect on mental well-being and, even, on achieving organisational goals. Here, Starlight Children’s Foundation CEO Louise Baxter shares her leadership journey and lessons learned, including how she has used the power of positivity to transform her charity into an award-winning beacon of brightness in the lives of sick children.