Leading By Influence, Not Authority | Laini Bennett

Leading By Influence, Not Authority

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Chairman and Board Director Pauline Vamos believes that good leaders use their influencing skills to drive positive change rather than wielding their authority. Her knowledge and experience as a leader are hard-won, having faced numerous challenges in her life and career. Here, Vamos shares her leadership journey and lessons learned, including why leaders shouldn’t make

Doing it Differently With Justine Cox | Laini Bennett

Doing it Differently With Justine Cox

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When Justine Cox became a first-time mother at 43, it inspired her to launch her leadership coaching business, so she could spend more time with her son. One of her biggest challenges learning to put a value on herself with pricing. Here, she shares her leadership lessons and some great tips for integrating work and

Thriving on Gut Instinct | Laini Bennett

Thriving on Gut Instinct

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Dana Kay’s son has ADHD. Frustrated with the effects of traditional medicine, she sought an alternative. The outcome changed her life – and that of hundreds of other families. Here, she shares her journey from a loving but desperate mother to thriving businesswoman, including her leadership lessons learned. When Dana Kay’s son Oliver was a