Doing it Differently With Kasia Cummings | Laini Bennett

Doing it Differently With Kasia Cummings

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Kasia Cummings’ skincare and beauty business, Buffalo Gal Organics, evolved from an epiphany she had after creating a product to help her daughter’s dermatitis. Unfortunately, her then-husband wasn’t keen on her ‘hobby’. Here, Cummings shares her lessons as an entrepreneur, including why it is essential to have a support network and an authentic voice. What

Doing it Differently With Justine Cox | Laini Bennett

Doing it Differently With Justine Cox

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When Justine Cox became a first-time mother at 43, it inspired her to launch her leadership coaching business, so she could spend more time with her son. One of her biggest challenges learning to put a value on herself with pricing. Here, she shares her leadership lessons and some great tips for integrating work and

Driven By A Dream | Laini Bennett

Driven By A Dream

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A newspaper ad was the catalyst for Patricia Carroll OAM to realise her dream of easily accessible adult education courses for people with disabilities. Her daughter, born with Down Syndrome, was her inspiration for making this happen. More than 40 years later, Carroll’s determination has helped forge pathways for people with disabilities, and women in