Doing it Differently With Cindy Barberes | Laini Bennett

Doing it Differently With Cindy Barberes

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Cindy Barberes used to be focused on the facts: black and white. After leaving the corporate world, she discovered many other beautiful colours through a commitment to self-care. This extended to launching a natural skincare business that gives back to the community. Here she shares how she learned to compete in a new industry. What

A Role Model For Success - Kate Quirke | Laini Bennett

A Role Model For Success

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What would you do if you were pushed into a role you didn’t want or feel ready for? If you’re Kate Quirke, you’ll turn the challenge into a success and a learning opportunity that will shape your career. In this Women in Leadership interview, the Alcidion CEO shares her leadership journey and her lessons learned.

How Do I Manage People Who Are More Experienced Than Me? 6 Key Tips | Laini Bennett

6 Tips for Managing People Who Are More Experienced Than You

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Jo* was a relatively inexperienced people manager when she was promoted to take on a larger team. “I was very excited at being given the opportunity, but also a bit worried,” Jo said. “Most of my direct reports were older than me, some by two decades, with significantly more knowledge and experience.”  Initially, Jo got